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Improving human performance through proven custom strength and conditioning programs at Jet Performance Labs in Mooresville, NC.

Jet Performance Labs in LKN, has the formula to improve performance for sustained success. We know what it takes and exactly how to do it. Our experienced staff intends to create a unique training experience which is like no other in the region that will lead to legendary results for each one of our clients.

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Jet Performance Labs (JPL) located in the Lake Norman area of Mooresville, NC is unlike no other training facility in the area. This high performance facility is designed to get the most out of each and every client, every day. All of our programs are founded in the principles of confidence, integrity, discipline, conviction and attitude. These attributes create the foundation of training not only from an individual perspective but as a whole program.

Clients that choose to train at JPL will be coached by an educated experienced staff and receive the most up to date scientific programming to improve performance. While training on an individual basis or in small groups every detail is taken into account to enhance the individuals training experience. Individuals who are motivated, regardless or age, gender, sport or handicap will be given every opportunity to achieve their goals and peak performance. We will always lead by example, join us and we will show you the way.

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Where we raise the bar

Youth Athlete’s

This foundational program will improve movements to layer and build the athletes developmental process for years to come.

High School

Developing through these years is critical to lasting success. Training programs at this age are built upon a continual system of challenging progressions.


Preparation and performance at the collegiate level will give individuals the greatest opportunity for success and to compete at the next level.


Organized, progressive, challenging workouts developed to improve everyday quality of life and individual goals.


Aimed at improving an individual’s daily work capacity, durability and protecting against common injuries.


Elite level programming is designed to prepare the body for peak performance at the highest level of competition.


Assessment – Our custom performance evaluation will allow us to recognize individual needs, discuss goals and other potential concerns.

Schedule – Consistency is the key to success. Weekly group/ individual schedules will be consistent to allow clients proper planning and training times.

Programming – Each program will be scientifically designed to maximize performance based on an individual’s movement ability, progression and goals.

Coaching / Environment – Experienced, educated coaches will always conduct a fun, organized, high tempo training environment with progressive, challenging programs.

“From strength training to mobility to speed development he’s read it and studied it. I’ve seen him evolve over the years, he’s willing to listen, take advice, and most importantly teach. A good strength coach can write a program but teaching the program and believing in what you create is what separates the good ones from Jason. He believes in what he writes and has confidence he can teach it.”

Luke Kuechly, 7x NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker

“Jason brings a great level of experience and knowledge pertaining to athletic performance and training. His strength and conditioning program has allowed me to maximize my athletic potential, I have been very pleased with my results.”

Chris Manhertz, TE - Carolina Panthers

“The program with Jason and Jet Performance Labs allowed me to add muscle and strength while also improving my explosiveness. There was a clear and detailed plan on exactly how we were going to achieve that from Day 1. He understands the importance of training hard and testing the body to challenge you physically and then allowing the body enough recovery time to ensure you never take a step back. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience helping athletes reach their potential which allows him to bring a high level of creativity to the workouts. I never felt bored or like I mastered a certain movement because he always found a way to mix it up and continue to challenge me.”

Daniel Jones, QB - New York Giants

“The one thing that separates Jason from other performance coaches I’ve had in the past is his attention to detail. He not only teaches you how to build strength, but how to do it using proper mechanics. Proper mechanics enhance performance and also prevent injuries. Everything we do in the weight room translates to the field.”

James Bradberry, CB - New York Giants

“Jason challenged me at a time in my career when I needed to revitalize my career. After dealing with injuries and setbacks for years, I knew I needed to approach my training with everything I had. Jason’s wealth of knowledge and professionalism was a perfect match for me and my needs. The personalized regimen included all aspects of my training program such as skill development, strength, recovery, and rehab. Appreciative of the past 9 years working with Jason and building both a professional and personal relationship.”

Greg Olsen, TE - Seattle Seahawks
“Jason takes the time to get to know each of his athletes individually. An athletes deficiencies are highlighted and addressed with custom detailed programming. His knowledge of strength, speed, and mobility training is apparent with his hands on coaching. He helped me tremendously this off season addressing multiple issues to get me ready for camp. One of the best in the business!”
AJ Klein, LB - Buffalo Bills