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Pushing the boundaries of human performance through custom strength and conditioning programs at Jet Performance Labs in Mooresville, NC.

At Jet Performance Labs in LKN, we’ve done things in our lives that have taught us exactly who we are. We know where we’re going and we’re leading from the front. Our team feeds off of creating experiences that end in legendary results for each one of our like-minded clients.

Our environment at Jet Performance Labs of Mooresville, NC in the Lake Norman (LKN) region is designed to push the limits of human performance, to inspire, and to hammer the values required to not only be an extraordinary athlete, but individual as well. Discipline, strength, honesty, humility and commitment, combine to form the foundation that we continue to build on in every facet of our program.

Jet Performance Labs of Mooresville, NC delivers a wide range of science-based strength and conditioning programs to fit your exact needs. We focus on quality (not quantity) by aiming precisely in our small group setting. And, because of our client/coach relationships, we can adjust our programs accordingly to maximize your results. No matter your age, gender, goal, sport, or handicap, if you’re authentically driven, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to push the envelope of success. We take responsibility for our actions. Join us and take responsibility for yours.

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Where we raise the bar

Youth Athlete’s

Build a strong foundation of movements to help your child reach their full athletic potential.

High School

Continuing to build the framework for success through training systems customized to fit your needs.


Let us help you secure a starting spot next year or train to compete at the next level.


Geared towards increasing work capacity, durability, and protecting against injury.


Progressive, challenging, and consistently dedicated to your results.


Programs specifically tailored to each individual to maintain elite level conditioning or taking your game to new heights.

The Jet Performance Roadmap

Assessment – All athletic qualities are evaluated during our in-house analysis.

Consultation – Our certified experts will discuss our program recommendations and roadmap based on your individual needs.

On-Boarding – Each client will be integrated based on their own ability/ pace and are progressed as necessary.

Personal Coach – Each athlete will be matched with a coach that fits their specific needs.

Community – Programs are embedded with tools to improve the values that are found in championship caliber teams: discipline, commitment, mental and physical toughness, etc

‘…really helped me find my passion for training and has me at my maximum potential when I need it the most.’
Hayden Hurst, Baltimore Ravens Tight End
‘I was able to accomplish everything that I was in my athletic career with that training program. Not only that, but I’ve had continued success, in part, because of the values that are driven into every facet of the plan.’
Seth Fruge, Former LSU Walkon to Scholarship Football Player/ Plastic Surgeon at Harvard Med School

‘If you don’t have a solid foundation, you can’t build anything on top of it. They know how to focus on the details that matter, on an individual basis, to create something legendary.’

Justin Lovinggood, 2x American Open Participant
‘There’s a science to training correctly and they’ve got it dialed in. Physically and mentally, I know where I need to go if I’m looking to reach my potential’
Danny Johnson, Redskins Cornerback